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10 on 10 | May

I have decided that there are no rules.  And since there are no rules, I'm not doing anything wrong by "breaking" them.  What I mean to say is that my 10 on 10 for May is not snippets throughout my entire day, but from a few minutes I want to freeze in time.  We were in the Outer Banks last week and took the boys to the beach after dinner almost every night, just to play in the sand and walk on the beach.  It is so wonderful there in the off-season - no one is on the beach and the sand is cool on your feet.  In my haste to get to the beach, I forgot to pack the boys' sweatshirts, so we got some oversized ones at Walmart to tide us over and I love them.  I am sentimental about their upcoming birthday (3rd!) and I find that I've been taking a lot more photos of them lately.  There were more pictures from our trip, but I choose photos just from one night on the beach as my 10 on 10 because I want to remember everything about this day and how incredibly lucky we are to have these boys and these experiences. *As a side note, I shot this entire "session" with a Lensbaby, which is a manual lens that gives the faux tilt-shift effect (ie, blurred) these photos have.  I love that it's imperfect, shows the motion and perfectly captures the little moments I wanted to remember.