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One Kid, One Roll, Once a Month | December 2015

Wow, here we are at the end of this project!  12 months of portraits, of learning studio lighting, of capturing Henry & Matt's awesome personalities on film.  I couldn't be happier I jumped on board this project from Jen Golay and saw it through til the end.  Thought it might be fun to look back on a few of my favorites from each month (so hard to choose!) before looking at the last installment....

And without further ado, here's December!  I'm kicking myself that my strobe misfired on several of my favorite shots.  Ended up converting them to black and white, which I think works (although is a completely different look).  

It's taken me all year to be in the right spot on this blog circle to link to one of my favorite photographers and favorite people, Amy Bethune in Dublin, OH.  Amy is a dear friend and an incredible photographer who always captures the most thoughtful and poignant images of her children.  I know you will love to see what she has in store this month!

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