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Prints are so important.  I don't know about you, but I have hundreds - no, probably thousands - of digital images on my hard drive.  But the ones I remember?  The ones I love?  They're printed - on my fridge, on my walls, on my desk.  I see them at my dad's house and my mother-in-law's house, displayed proudly on the shelf as you walk in the door. They have meaning and they will be remembered for generations to come.  Upon seeing her Framed Print Collection, Julie said,

"The pictures are AWESOME Carrie!!!!  I absolutely love them!  Now we have to hang them up in our living room. :-)  I love your process for helping your clients pick out the images we love and moving forward to go ahead and PRINT them."

I know when we have our session that you want the digital files - I want them, too!  ;-)  But what I'm here to tell you is that you also want and NEED prints.  I have clients who have confided in me MONTHS later, "we still haven't printed anything from our session with you last fall."  I won't lie, hearing this breaks my heart a little bit.  

If you love the digital images of your kids, you're going to love them even more on your wall!

If you love the digital images of your kids, you're going to love them even more on your wall!

The image above made Julie grab her chest and her eyes fill with happy tears when she saw it in print for the first time.  It was without a doubt, her favorite from our session (can you blame her!?)  So, it was critical that she be able to enjoy it and see her kids at this age, for all time, every day on the wall in her living room.

"In this day and age of digital, so many incredible pictures never get printed and displayed in our homes, and I love that we have some beautiful pictures framed and ready to be hung now of our family.  Thank you!!" - Julie S.

I'll write more about ordering sessions and what they're all about in an upcoming blog post, but in the mean time, I wanted to leave you with some things to think about the next time you have a photo session, regardless of whether it's with me or another photographer.  Ask about professional prints, what kind of paper they're printed on and how they can be displayed.  Ask about frames for your desk or walls, or folios or albums.  Ask about books and albums.  I promise you, you won't regret getting those images off your hard drives and into your life.  xo

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