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Film at 11 | January

In thinking about what kind of photography project I wanted to do this year, I kept coming back to the idea of shooting film.  So after tossing around various ideas, I settled on a new monthly project called Film at 11.  The rules are that I shoot at least one roll of film in the prior month, and post it on the 11th.  Number of images, color v. black and white, film stocks, subject matter... it can all be flexible. You'll likely see a lot of my kids in this project, but this month I wanted to capture something a little more unique, but which is equally near and dear to my heart.  Winter at the beach.  Businesses closed, houses boarded up, holiday decorations, construction projects in full force, and surfers.  Hope you love the beach in the winter as much as I do.

January was shot on Kodak Tri-X 400.