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Stratton's First Birthday

Where do I begin with this story?  How about with apologies for it taking me so long to tell it.  As you will see, it's an epic blog post, certainly my longest one yet.  I thought about breaking it into two, but that would just mess with the storytelling and the emotions of the day.  So please bear with me and give it time to load, k?  K.  ;-) Any mother will tell you, your child's birthday is a big day.  And their first birthday?  It's a milestone that's more than just a year.  It's the culmination of your pregnancy and the birth, nursing, changing, sleepless nights, first food, smiles, babbles, sitting up, maybe walking... It's a BIG year and it's no surprise that we are often moved to tears on their big day.

The Loews started the morning like any other, quickly shifted to party prep, the party time in the afternoon, and finally back home for the regular night time routine.  I think this session is so evocative, so emotional, so much fun.  And if you want me to come spend the night with you to capture all these little moments, we can have a chat.  ;-)

Without further ado, here's Stratton, his big sis, mama, daddy, granny & all his friends to celebrate his first year.  With love to my Loews.