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Film for the Studio Photographer

Shooting film indoors.  It's a little intimidating, if I'm being perfectly honest.  So to conqueror that fear, I recently attended an awesome workshop in Charlottesville, VA called Film for the Studio Photographer.  It was put on by Little Bellows, an inspiring family photography blog, and featured the awesome Sandra Coan and Cat Thrasher.  These two women were so great to learn from.  Sandy is a maternity and newborn photographer in Seattle, who shoots mostly color film in studio, and Cat is a portrait photographer in Charlottesville, who shoots mostly black and white film in studio.  Sandy and Cat are like yin and yang - balancing and complimenting each other perfectly.  They each had so much to share on shooting film indoors and all that it entails.  We geeked out on charts and graphs, compared different film stocks, discussed light, and covered hard-nosed business questions.  All the education was great, but it was also so fun to spend the day with them and the other photographers who attended.  It was such a great group, everyone bringing something different to the workshop but all wanting to further their abilities with regard to shooting film inside. I wanted to share a few frames that I took that day...  Pentax 645N + Portra 800 and Pentax 67 + Pan F (new favorite BW film), both developed at the FIND lab.

Many thanks to the wonderful models and to Sandy and Cat for such a great experience!