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Ashley & Dottie

When Ashley contacted me about doing a session with her mom, she shared that there was no one more important in her life and the last time they had professional photographs was over 20 years ago...  She wanted to capture them NOW, and not put it off.  I related so well to what Ashley was describing and wish I could have had the same opportunity with my mom.  These two women are amazing.  So strong and fun, so much laughter and joy between them.  I wanted to share what Ashley sent me after she saw the gallery...

Oh my goodness this was like Christmas morning! These are so wonderful – I want them all!  Really though, this is such a gift. A gift from you for taking these wonderful pictures, and a gift from my mother for allowing me to make her uncomfortable so that I can have this!  I am truly going to treasure these photographs forever. Thank you so much!

I can't imagine a better feeling as a photographer.  Thank you Ashley, and thank you Dottie for allowing me to be part of your history.  xo.

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