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Julia + Quin

One of the best things about having friends who are also photographers, and Julia in particular, is how incredibly supportive she is.  Not only do we speak the same language, but she is always full of encouraging words and is ever the cheerleader.  So, when I went looking for a willing guinea pig to shoot with my new film camera, she was easy to persuade.  We spent the morning just hanging out.  She snuggled with Quin, got him ready for the day, and they shared a lollipop on the sofa. The whole experience of being in someone's home and shooting film... it's hard to express.  It was special.  It was slow, unforced, and relaxed. There is waiting for the right moment, and space to breathe in between images.  I think the images are a reflection of that.  They're not perfect, not by a long shot.  Many were out of focus or soft focus, due to my inexperience manually focusing so wide open.  But I'm learning to love the imperfections of film and am definitely in love with these images.  Although they turned out better in my head than in real life, I still feel from them what I did when I took them.  And I think that is what is important.

Mamiya 645 Pro + 80mm 1.9, Portra 160 & Tmax 400, Indie Film Lab.