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Lauren | Class of 2013

Once in a while an amazing experience happens.  This session was one of those times when everything fell into place - perfectly.  After some rough weather earlier in the day, Lauren changed the location of her senior session to downtown Raleigh.  We met with the idea of wandering around and finding all sorts of cool places.  I'd hoped to find a rickshaw driver to cooperate with an idea and thought the night would be a success if I could just talk someone into it, lol.  Just want to say thanks to Ben at www.RaleighRickshaw.com for being such a good sport.  ;-) About 30 minutes into our session, a nicely dressed man came up to us on the street.  He asked if we wanted a prop, and shoved his adorable Boston Terrier puppy at us.  His kids were with him and wanted to get in on the action, so we obliged for a few frames.  Lauren's mom was talking to the man while we were shooting and the next thing I knew, he said, "Hey, I live in the PNC building - I'd be happy to let you onto the terrace if you wanted to take some photos up there?"  We all looked at each other and figured, hey, why not?  Walking into the building, I started to think we were in for a treat.  Up to the 23rd floor pool deck we went and holy cow....  AMAZING.  We started shooting, not knowing how long we would be allowed to stay.  Much to our surprise and excitement, no one ever came to kick us out.  ;-)

We ended up spending the rest of the session up there, taking advantage of what turned out to be great weather and a beautiful sunset.  Walking back to our cars, Lauren, her mom and I chatted - none of us could believe how everything had fallen into place so perfectly to give Lauren this special opportunity.  I am so glad to have been a part of it - what a thrill.  Enjoy.