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This Is The Stuff

I remember sitting on their hearth, photographing them on the sofa while the kids played out of my view.  I paused and said, looking at the kids, "Not to get all mushy and everything, but this is the stuff.  Right here, right now.  This is why I'm here."  And I'll say it to you, too, dear reader.  Not to get all mushy and everything, but this session is THE STUFF.  The stuff that makes our family's history.  The years that go by too quickly.  The hugs, lolipops, hitting your brother in the face, eating mac and cheese, playing in the yard... THIS.  This is the kind of session I want everyone to have.  Where you let go of what you want to look like and let me capture who you really are.  This is what's in my heart.  I hope you love it as much as I do.