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Film at 11 | June

What I'm taking away from this month's Film at 11 is that film is a learning process.  I shot a roll last month on my dad's old Pentax Spotmatic, the same camera I learned on in high school.  While shooting it, I felt like the knob to advance the film was not working smoothly and also felt that winding the film was not working right.  Sent it off to my lab with the hope that everything would be okay for Film at 11.  Suffice it to say, only 4 of 36 frames were salvageable, and those 4 were double or triple exposed and completely crazy looking.  They're sort of charming, but not really what I had in mind for a Film at 11 blog post.  Sigh. I quickly figured out a plan B.  While in the Outer Banks, we took a side trip to Ocracoke - a teeny island that is the southernmost part of the Outer Banks and which is accessible only by ferry.  Quaint and unpretentious, with fabulous beaches and amazing restaurants - we were seriously enamored.  But, in order to have the film ready for the blog on the 11th, my only option was to take it to Rite Aid.  Seriously.  The scans came back as I expected - dusty, overly sharpened and contrasty.  They look a little like the vacation photos my dad took in the 70's.  So, the second lesson I learned this month is that a good lab really does make ALL the difference.

Shot on Fuji Superia 400 & Portra 400 (can you tell the difference?) with the Canon Elan 7E and developed at (ahem...) Rite Aid.  ;-)