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Raleigh family and child photography prices and session information.

Session Info

What makes you different from other family or child photographers?

While I enjoy shooting families, documenting the relationship between mother and child is what makes me want to create art. We're everywhere and everything in our children's lives, yet where are the photos of that relationship? Too often they don't get made, for one reason or another. Having lost my mother to cancer when I was in my 20's, I can speak to how important those images are and I am driven to capture them for you.

I want photos with my kids, but I need to lose 10 lbs first...

I hate to break it to you, but these photos are not for you. These images are for your children when they grow up. And if you think they will care whether you were a size 6 or 12 at the time these images were taken, then you are sorely mistaken. What they will see in these photos is your love for them, not your size.

Okay then, what should I wear?

I think simple is best. These sessions are about your connections with one another, not about the latest trend. Yet, you want to feel good in what you're wearing and feel like you. If that isn't specific enough, then focus on color, texture, pattern and shine when putting together outfits. Start with your outfit and build the rest of the family around you. And for some, having your hair and makeup professionally done can really make you feel fabulous and relax at the session even more.

Where should we do the session?

I offer sessions on location. If possible, I like to shoot in a place that is meaningful to you. Often, this is at your home, but it may be a park by the water, on the family farm, or even at the State Fair! The point is that it should be a place significant to you and your children. Regardless of where we shoot, I will be on the hunt for beautiful light. If you are worried that your house is too dark, don't be. All I really need is a pretty window or an open front door, and we can do the entire session there.

What happens after the session?  How long will it take to get my images?

Your images will be ready about 3 weeks after our session inan online gallery.

What kind of prints and products do you offer?

I believe in tangible prints and products. Your children are never going to go through your attic, happen on an old hard drive, and start looking through it. But they will be able to see prints, find them in a book or on a shelf, or in a box of cherished items. To that end, I offer an assortment of professional prints, books and albums. Digital Files are available also, for those that want an archive of their session.  

The rest of the details...

  • A non-refundable deposit equal to your session fee reserves your date and time. 
  • Payment plans are available; however, products will not be delivered until payment has been made in full. 
  • All orders are subject to 6.75% NC sales tax and shipping.  
  • Travel fees may apply for locations more than 20 miles from 27607.

"I LOVE THEM!! Thank you so much for capturing our family and helping us document this age. I'm over the moon with the shots of the two of us... I know we'll cherish them for years."
- Katherine N.